We Are Better Together

The Goddard Education Foundation is grateful for the individual benefactors and partnering organizations that help provide the resources and programs designed to enrich the educational journey of USD 265 students. Partnering with GEF allows you the opportunity to maximize your impact on the lives of students and educators. Thank you for your consideration to partner with the Goddard Education Foundation to inspire minds and expand possibilities for the 6,200 students and 1,200 staff of Goddard Public Schools.

Growing Legacy

Building relationships is key to the long-term growth and success of the GEF. We are committed to re-connecting alumni, retired staff, and community leaders back to Goddard Public Schools to CELEBRATE THE PAST AND SUPPORT THE FUTURE generations. The Goddard Hall Of Fame, Retired Staff Legacy Luncheon, and Alumni Association GPSAA) offer opportunities to grow and foster our #265 Family.

Innovative Teacher Grant Program

Teachers can dream big and make those dreams become a reality for their students. Whether it’s hands-on learning opportunities, the latest technology, or innovative experiences, the GEF uses this program to put resources in the classroom that impact students and INSPIRE MINDS.

Expanding Possibilities

Student Experience is more than just offering education. There are several unique funds that are being established to provide long-term, sustainable resources to impact students for generations. Your support allows the GEF to help fund programs such as Early-Childhood Education, Finish-Line Initiative, Fine-Arts & Athletic Enhancements, and future opportunities. 

Encouraging 1,300 Educators

Partnering with the GEF allows you to directly support the Goddard Public Schools employees throughout the school year. The GEF coordinates meals for ALL staff at the back-to-school orientations, a lunch on us in Spring, and a fun end-of-year celebration.